Designing your image on the internet, working with Ashen Company

As the development of each website is unique, and IT development is a diverse field, we cannot follow a precise model. However, we would like to allow our clients to follow the development of their site as it progresses.

To this end, we will offer you an overview of the main stages of this design phase. We will be as concise as possible, while explaining the different aspects of this development.

Development Sketches
Client Needs

Draw up a list of your expectations together

First of all, we will determine with you what you need for your site. Thanks to this first step, we will plan the amount of work needed, and more precisely, the duration of development. Furthermore, it is at the end of this planning that we will define the price of our services.

In order to ensure that no details are overlooked, we will provide you with a form to complete that details your expectations and requirements. This information will also enable us to determine the type of site you require.

The hosting of your website

After this planning, we will get down to business and use the services of a web host. This will allow you to keep your website available 24/7. As the choice of a resilient service is essential for your site, we will direct you towards the most efficient hosting companies.

Moreover, it is through this host that we will define one (or more) domain name, i.e. the address of your site. Depending on availability and your objectives, we will suggest different options. Nevertheless, the choice remains yours if you already have a precise idea on the subject.

Server Hosting
Website examples

Building your identity on the web

After these preparations, we reach the starting point of the development of your project ! Indeed, we are entering a mock-up phase of your website. This stage will allow us to build the interface that will best represent you.

To accomplish this, we will design with you the look and feel of your project, as well as its variations on tablet and mobile. Of course, if you have specific ideas, it will make our job much easier. This work will take a few days, after which we will start the conception phase.

Continuous evolution thanks to your feedback

We don’t use prefabricated themes to create your site : we want each project to be unique. That’s why Ashen Company need your help during the development process, to make sure we’re moving in the right direction.

This exchange saves us valuable time, which we will spend optimising the interface of your project. By working in this way, we develop your site by giving you an overview of its evolution.

Client Teamwork