The French web design and development company, based in Normandy, to accompany you and make your projects grow !

Ashen Company offers you customized solutions to suit your needs

You need a tool that will allow you to make yourself known on the web and to extend the reach of your project? Ashen Company has made it its goal ! Whether it is a showcase site, a commercial site, or even a redesign of your site: we are at your service to help you design your image and bring your ideas to life!

By putting our skills at your disposal, we offer to create a website at the cutting edge of technology. In addition to having a unique design conceived for you, it will be adapted to all screen sizes. Moreover, we guarantee that your website will be ergonomic, intuitive and optimal.

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Collaborate with us in full transparency

The creation of websites goes through many stages, and the choices made at each of them contribute to the final result. This is why it is necessary for the owner of a site to follow its evolution.

During the design of our sites, we enable you to observe this progress by giving you regular feedback. This method allows us to make sure that our work suits you, and to ensure a satisfactory result.

An archive of our recent work

It is obvious to you, as it is to us, that being able to show you what we are capable of is essential for you to decide if we are the company you need to bring your ideas to life!

That’s why we provide you with mock-ups made entirely by us, so that you can get a clear idea of what we are capable of designing.

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You have a project or need information?

Your project requires the implementation of a website, or the redesign of your current site? Ashen Company is here for you. Contact us and let us know your needs and concerns!

We will do our best to guide you towards the best solution. Contacting us does not obligate you to anything, and computer development is our job. So don’t hesitate and send us an email !

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